Kristen’s back with part two of her series on setting goals. Last week you may have felt like you were in therapy and like you had some mindset work to do. This week’s episode on goal setting is going to feel light and fun! 

Here’s what you’ll learn:

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Transcript for Episode #10: Goals: Part Two

Kristen Boss (00:05):  Welcome to Purposeful Social Selling with Kristen Boss. I’m your host, Kristen Boss. I’m a mindset and business coach with more than 15 years experience in both the product and service based industry. I believe that social selling is the best business model for people wanting to make an impact while they make serious income. This is the podcast for the social seller, who is tired of feeling inauthentic in their business and desires to find a more purposeful and profitable way of growing their business in today’s social media landscape. In this podcast, you will learn what it takes to grow a sustainable business through impactful and social marketing. It’s time to ditch the hustle and lead from the heart. Let me show you the new way. Welcome back friends. I hope you are ready to dive into part two, all about goal setting. If you haven’t listened to part one, go do that because I really

Kristen Boss (01:02):  Chose the order of these episodes very strategically. And so if you haven’t listened to the last episode, go listen to it. I am, I’m excited. This episode is going to feel a little less heavy and weighty. I know last episode you probably were like, why do I feel like I’m in therapy? Coaching can often feel that way. This episode, I wanted it to feel light and fun. I want you to feel encouraged, maybe a little bit convicted. Y’all know. I love taking you to church telling you some truth. It’s very on-brand. I love dropping the fire as my community loves to remind me of that. It is so fun. I love that. I have that reputation. I just don’t believe in wasting your time. I don’t believe in giving you vanilla Fu Fu Woo Woo. That you’re like, that sounds nice, but what do I do? I want you to be like, I’ve got a plan.

Kristen Boss (01:56):  I’m taking action. I, again, my philosophy is I want this podcast to feel like you can experience transformation, even if you never buy anything from me. Of course, if you are in the place where you’re like, I need to work with a coach, you can head to my website,, and check out the coaching and apply for a call with me. But I realized that I’m not going to go to everybody in the world, but this episode, I want it to be the next best thing. I want it to be your, you know, your coaching Monday, you can look forward to this podcast. You can look forward to the things I dropped. So you’re probably like, yeah, yeah, Kristen just get to how does that goals already. Maybe I left you on the edge of your seat last week, because I know you motivated ambitious boss babes that are listening and maybe dudes. Welcome dudes.

Kristen Boss (02:46):  If you’re listening, I know that you are probably like me. You’re a goal setting junkie. You’re a goal getter. And I love it. I love goal setting, but I’ve had to what intentional strategic and healthy goal setting looks like. Especially as hello, Enneagram three, I can set really big goals. And I know it’s very easy for me to enter the philosophies of, I’m just gonna grind and hustle and oh, I can get there. But if you’ve been following this podcast for any length of time, I want you to get there with joy, ease, and sustainable business habits. I don’t want you in burn out for three years. I don’t want you resenting your business. I don’t want you over there thinking I did not sign up for this. And I see that happen a lot because people have been told, I feel like, especially in the motivational world or the personal growth world, everyone’s like set huge goals, dream big, huge vision board.

Kristen Boss (04:02):  And then, you know, I talked about this in last episode, like people have goal paralysis. Like they see this huge vision. They see what they want. And they’re like, well, crap, what does a goal look like? And then they get gold depression. Like, oh, I just seems so far away. Why bother? So let’s be really clear about the type of goals you should be setting. So this is all about how to set healthy, aligned goals. I also feel like that’s another buzz word now it’s annoying me. Like I would like to say I was using the word align three years ago and I feel like everybody’s dropping it like, oh, align, align. Okay. What’s another word for it. I’m just going to call it healthy, strategic and intentional. I think intentional is another great word. Just intentional and healthy goals. So I’m annoyed with the word aligned.

Kristen Boss (04:56):  I’m over it, healthy and intentional goals. Okay. There’s two types of feelings around goals that you create, or two like two groups of feelings that you create around goal setting, and I’m going to help you decipher what type of goal setting mindset you’re in and how to know when maybe you’re not setting a healthy strategic goal and maybe when to adjust it. So one kind of goal makes you excited and energized and focused and calm, confident the other type of goal, which I probably see 60 to 70% of the time, more often than the other goal is it makes you greedy, needy, graspy, aggressive. Hustley hurried, frantic, anxious, spinning out. I could go on. You get where I’m going there are you like, oh, sister, I feel called out. Welcome to church. You just got called out and I, Hey, listen, anything I call you out on it’s because I’ve had to do the work myself.

Kristen Boss (06:20):  I’ve had to do this work too. I’m not going to sit here and say, I’m holier than them and be like, oh, I only ever set intentional goals. No, I have been there. I know what it’s like. Again, Enneagram three, me and burnout. We used to be besties. And now I’m friends with like alignment. Oh, I hate that word. Not alignment. What’s the word I want to use intention and authentic. I digress. So one puts you in an excited and energized and very fulfilled place. And one puts you in a very needy graspy, greedy scarce place. So a couple of questions to ask yourself is when you are setting a goal, asking yourself is my goal from a place of lack and desperation. And you’ll know it’s from a place of lack or desperation. When you’re saying things like I have to do this, I just have to hit this goal.

Kristen Boss (07:19):  I need this so bad. I, if I don’t reach this, I don’t know what I’m going to do. I hear this so much here, how needy and graspy and scarce. That sounds also notice how that’s not focused on the customer, noticed how that’s not serving others. Notice how it’s very focused on. I need to beat my needs. I’m feeling scarce. I’m freaking out. I just saw my bank balance, or I know this payments coming. I’m freaking out. And it puts you into your outside circumstances, make you determine your goal instead of you determining what the goal should be. It’s when you’re letting circumstances outside of you dictate what your goal looks like. So you’re freaking out. I have to, I should too. I need it, I just have to get there. It makes you very hustley. There’s likely in that state, there’s very little work boundaries.

Kristen Boss (08:31): And I see this in the network marketing world. And I remember it. It talks about like success loves speed, and it puts everyone in this hurried state of mind that if I don’t get there fast, I don’t get there at all. I’m going to call bull honky on that and say, that is the worst philosophy you can have. You can create speed instead of chasing speed or buying into it. Success loves consistency because consistency compounds. It’s like a little snowball that rolls down the hill starts very small and it accumulates and accumulates and accumulates consistency, compounds, speed exhausts, and burns out. And I know that there was this philosophy for a while. I’m not going to say any names because I don’t want to knock any other people teaching in this industry. But there, there was the philosophy of 30 days of literally putting your entire life on hold and aggressively.

Kristen Boss (09:42): I mean, aggressive. I remember when I watched this training video, my mouth was agape and it was like, don’t do anything, delegate everything, which I love delegating, but it was 30 days of pretty much like putting your entire life on, hold in the name of hustling and hitting a goal with the idea that it became a numbers game. And at the end of it, you’d have a small percentage of people of the people that you recruited or signed in that month that would stick with you. Long-Term or it’s like, Hey, I’m going to just grind for 30 days. That’s not healthy. It’s not sustainable.

Kristen Boss (10:24):  People look at that and they see you do that. And they’re like, ah, no, I don’t want that. My husband would flip out. If he saw me do that, that doesn’t fit our family’s abilities. So it’s this, I would call it lack of work-life balance. You know you were in the hustley state when there is no work-life balance. You’re not sleeping. Well, you’re forgetting to eat self-care is out the window. What’s that even you haven’t washed your hair and who knows how long your kids don’t see your face because your nose is buried in your phone. Twenty-four-seven. Now I will fully admit if my husband has listened to this episode, something I’m working on. Not because I’m hustley, but because I just love my social media. So, but so super hustling, no work boundaries. I love this saying, and I laughed hysterically when I heard it and we call it in my mastermind that I’m in the 200 K mastermind with Stacy Baymon they call it Chihuahua energy.

Kristen Boss (11:31):  I’m sorry if you have a Chihuahua, but it’s so accurate. It is when you are in a frantic scattered, anxious, everywhere I need, I need it, need it, need it very, very like that. You’ve seen it like the incredibly anxious energy and it makes you so graspy. That’s when you find a million different things and forcing the outcome instead of strategically planning for the outcome and we’ll get there, but really in yourself, is this a goal I am setting? Or is this a goal that my feelings of scarceness around my bank account is setting a healthy, intentional goal. A timely goal is from a place of abundance. It’s from a place of self-sufficiency it’s from a place of, okay, I’m going to give my focus work. I’m going to trust in the outcome, but not at the expense of health, family, and relationships. There are firm boundaries around those things.

Kristen Boss (12:43):  Don’t hear me say that. I get it like there’s, especially with my network marketing friends, like the end of month pushes it a real thing. And I get that. I get three days of the push, but is the push your lifestyle? Is that at your standard? Like a modus operandum in your business, it is not healthy or intentional. If it is at the expense of your health, your family, your relationships, your wellbeing. So another sign of a healthy goal is you feel excited and enthusiastic. You feel intentional, you feel grounded, calm, confident, sure of yourself, trusting yourself. You have a fail plan in place. You’re trusting the long-term. You’re you put just as much value in the process of getting to the outcome you want. As you do in reaching the outcome itself, you want to know the most successful people are people that find true joy in the process. I love you guys. Hear me talk about this a lot. I love creating content and for everyone, most people view content as a chore. I’m like, wow, that’s where you get to talk to your people. That’s where people get to know you, your highest dollar-producing activities. I love the process of content creation and because I love that process. It gives me the results in the outcome I want.

Kristen Boss (14:27):  So a healthy, intentional goal is from a place of confidence, being calm, decisive, a clear plan of action instead of the Chihuahua energy, which is frantic and scattered and everything and meaty and anxious. And you can just feel it. You, it, you have you, have you ever been around somebody with a Chihuahua energy? I get it. I’ve seen it been there, done. It bought the t-shirt no more Chihuahua energy here. So here are some goal qualifiers like your goal checklists to help, you know, if you’re in a healthy state of goal-setting or a hustley self-serving state of goal-setting is this coming from my own scarcity is this goal I’m setting coming from scarcity. And there’s a few different places of scarcity, scarcity of your own personal resources, like your bank account money, or the scarcity that you have that you’ve created around the opportunity. So maybe you see everyone around you having a lot of success in momentum, and you’re afraid that’s going to go away and it puts you into, oh my gosh, I have to ride this wave before it’s gone.

Kristen Boss (15:53):  So is it scarcity of the opportunity? Scarcity of your offer? Like, oh no, if I don’t do it now, I’ll never have this chance again. If I don’t do it in this huge way, that’s it is your goal from FOMO, fear of missing out. Are you seeing other people hitting huge goals and it’s making you compare and despair, doubt your own process? Move out of the place of self-trust and you start setting big goals in order to keep up with people that might be further on down the road as you. And if you’re like, but Kristen, we in this person we’ve been doing this side-by-side for so long, we started at the same time. Your journey is not theirs. We all are in different seasons, just because your friend is in harvest doesn’t mean you should go prematurely, rip up your own crops and be like, oh, I’m in harvest too.

Kristen Boss (17:03):  A confident business owner knows when it is time to reap the harvest. They are trusting in the process, go back to success. Thoughts. Is it FOMO? Is it somebody else determining your goal for you? And you are afraid to displease them. And so you say, okay, I’ll go for it. When everything, you know, inside of you is there’s a difference between like, oh, that’s a big stretch. And I’m a little nervous. Like, yes, our goals should, should excite us a little bit. It’s stretched us. Our goal should always require us to stretch ourselves outside of our comfort zone. But we know when, when you look at what you have is the goal further beyond that, where it’s going to cost you your health, your well-being personal boundaries. That’s where you stand for yourself. Remember a healthy goal creates a competent and calm business owner.

Kristen Boss (18:23):  So is this coming from my own scarcity? The next question to ask yourself is, is this goal going to turn me into H a Wawa? I have a feeling I would be seeing a lot of people talking about Chihuahua energy. I really wish I could take credit, but that’s from my mastermind. And I thought it was the best thing ever, but seriously, asking yourself, is this going to put me into a Chihuahua energy? I’m gonna tell you a little story about that. I was looking at making a big investment and it was, it was a fun investment. It was an investment. Maybe it was an expense, but it was something that I really, really wanted. And I was talking to my husband about it. And we both realized like, yeah, we could have it. We can get it. But this is literally a week before.

Kristen Boss (19:12):  I’m about to start my mastermind. And I’m in this really calm, confident state trusting state. I’m so excited about my long-term goals, enjoying the process. And my husband, bless him. He asked me, he said, honey, is, this is purchasing this, is this going to affect the energy you bring to the mastermind? Is this going to make you needy and graspy? Cause you just made this big purchase. Are you going to be freaking out all of a sudden like, oh, I need to make more money? I need to make more money. Instead of just enjoying the process, like just enjoying every goal, we hit it. No longer becomes, oh, this is so fun. Now it becomes like a needed goal and meaty goal. Essentially my husband was asking me like, if you do this, are you going to be a Chihuahua? And I realized that, yes, it would totally change my state and how I operate my business and bring meatiness. And I don’t want neediness in my business.

Kristen Boss (20:19):  I love coming from a place of sufficiency and fullness and abundance and trusting the process doesn’t mean I’m not going to ever have the purchase. It just means I need to get a couple of things in order. It’s coming again. It’s the inevitability. I know it’s coming, but I’m not going to force it now and put myself into the Chihuahua, needy graspy, greedy state. No one wants that. You guys don’t want that. My clients don’t want that. Nobody wants that. It’s awkward for everybody. Okay. So is this coming from my own scarcity? Is this going to turn me into a Chihuahua? And I was so proud, of walking away from that and being like, oh my gosh, I just made like the ultimate mature business decision. Is this adulting? I’m 35. I think I’m adulting. I traded instant gratification for long-term joy and ease.

Kristen Boss (21:14):  You should too. It’s a great feeling. Okay. Because I believe that the thing I want, it’s still going to be available to be in a couple months, even though everything in me is like, well, what if it’s gone? What if the exact thing I want is gone now? That’s not true. Okay. Next question to ask yourself is, do have the correct systems in place to actually make this goal happen, or am I going to be scrambling and creating things as I go and kind of throwing crap together, hoping it works out. My husband calls this building a plane while it’s in the air. Like, do you have the right things in place to make this outcome happen? Do you have the systems and not only the outcome, but whatever you sell, do you have the backend support in place to deliver on what you sell?

Kristen Boss (22:09):  So coaches, if you’re about to do this big launch or course creation, you’re like, I’m gonna sell it. I’m gonna sell it, I’m gonna sell it. Well, do you have things in place that’s going to fulfill and make for happy customers on the end of what you sold? Or are you like, oh crap, I’m going to sell it, and I’m going to scramble to put something together after it’s been sold. Or I’m going to try and figure this out as I go? Ewww! Don’t do that. I feel like I’m Lucille ball, ewww! No! Network marketers. If your team brings on 300 people in a month, do you have those systems in place to ensure customer satisfaction and fulfillment for a vast majority of those the following month?

Kristen Boss (22:56):  Or are you so like next thing, next thing, next thing? That it’s, you’re bleeding the customers that you brought on because they’re not getting the care on the backend. Like I know systems on the backend. Typically isn’t fun for entrepreneurs. Typically. Not, it’s not fun. I get it, but it’s, it’s necessary. It’s going to protect your energy on the front end. When you know that your customers are getting amazing support on the backend, you don’t have to hustle so hard to constantly bring new people on the front end, see where I’m going with this. You picking up what I’m dropping? Good.

Kristen Boss (23:40):  Okay. So those are your goal qualifiers. If you are coming from a fulfilled and generous place, you’re excited to serve people. You have systems in place, you are naming the terms of your goal rather than your circumstances or your emotions naming your goal. Are you going to be in Chihuahua energy? Are you going to be in that calm and confident state? Okay. So when you determine your goal, here are some things I want you to ask yourself and I love this. This is what I asked myself every time I, I kind of, up-leveled my goal. Who do I need to become in order to achieve that goal, I’m going to switch it back to you. Who do you need to become in order to achieve that goal? What type of person do you need to be to achieve that goal? So I was just talking with a client the other day and I’m like, you are not going to get to 20 K months with your $10,000 a month way of thinking.

Kristen Boss (24:49):  You need to start thinking as a 20 K a month earner before it even happens. What about you? What about your thoughts? What about your actions and what about your feelings? Do you need to upgrade to show up at that level in order to bring the outcome you want, maybe you’re in a different place. Maybe you’re like, you know, you’re going for the 5k going from, you know, doubling from 2,500 a month to 5,000 a month. Okay. You cannot operate and do the same things with your $2,500 a month thinking you have to start thinking as a 5k runner, I was having so much fun coaching. One of my really talented clients and she’s, she’s so talented in her field. And she was having some drama over people telling her no, which is just a part of the equation. This is part of our growth, dealing with people saying no deal with disappointment and rejection.

Kristen Boss (25:46):  And she found herself wanting to negotiate and like lower her price. And her value is so high. I’ve told her this. I’m like, oh my gosh, in the world of this type of coaching, you’re a steal. You are a steal. It’s time to charge based on your experience, your training, your value, your worth, and what your current demand is. And so she found herself wanting to negotiate and slide back in her income. And I asked her, I said, well, what would the hundred K a year version of yourself do instead? And immediately she had an answer. She’s like, well, I would say this. And I would say this. And it was said with love and empathy and integrity and from a place of service. But immediately from that place, she started acting as the hundred K version of herself rather than the 50 K version of herself.

Kristen Boss (26:40):  Because the 50 K version of herself, what was that person thinking? Okay, I’m going to, I’m going to negotiate my price. I’m going to bring it down. Right. She was stepping into her highest version of herself. So I want you to ask yourself, what does it look like for me to step into the next version of myself? Who do I need to become that version of myself? What does, what do, what does she think? What does he think? What do you feel? What do you think? What type of actions do you take at that identity level? So who do you need to become in order to achieve that goal? Another one is what thoughts do you need to intentionally create in order to reach that goal? Hint, go to my success. Thoughts, episode, hint, hint, but maybe you need some different thoughts that are unique to you, but what thoughts do you need to harness and create in order to reach your goal?

Kristen Boss (27:44):  What would it look like for you to sit with? And maybe this will be a whole nother episode of having done energy, where it’s decided in your brain like it’s done this goal. I have it’s coming to me. Somehow. It’s going to, my outcome is coming. The goal is coming. It makes us trust the process and it gets our brain out of scrambling. And my coach calls it solution greed. We get really graspy on like the next strategy, the next, how, and we are switching strategies all the time. That’s someone that’s so fixed on the how of reaching their goal rather than the having done energy of it’s done. I’m going to trust myself, trust this process, show up and do the things from the highest version of myself and what that person would think and feel and do when you were scrambling for, how your brain isn’t able to be creative.

Kristen Boss (28:52):  It’s too frantic. It’s needy just on a physiological level. Your brain is like, ah, it’s freaking out. It’s spinning. You’re so hung up on the how-so sit with the having done energy. It’s coming, I’m trusting. It’s coming. I don’t know how it’s going to come to me, but somehow it’s going to come. So who do I need to become? What thoughts do I need to create? What feelings do I need to have about myself, my product or my offers in order to have the outcome, what feelings do I need to have about myself, my product, my offers, and even feelings about your audience, your team, your customers, your future clients, what feelings do you want to have about them? What feelings next? What is the action plan? What is your focused action plan? Based on the highest version of yourself, what are the necessary actions you will need to take to achieve those goals? Get so clear. Remember it’s not doing more. It’s not the scattered. Try everything energy. It is. I am going to stick to these three focused hyper-focused things and trust the process. Sit with the, having done energy, operate from my highest self in order to achieve the goal. And I’m not going to get hung up in how the is going to show up.

Kristen Boss (30:37):  If you’re over there being like, okay, I need to, I need to get three over here. Three people over there at this price and this. And then if I do this and I do this, I get having a plan. But if you’re so hung up on how the outcome’s going to happen, instead of the action items you need to do, you’re going to be so caught up in the how, instead of coming up with strategic action and the essentials of getting the outcome you want. So as you’re sitting there thinking about your goals, thinking about this exciting milestone and marker you want to have, and when it comes to a time to go for it, like if you meet the qualifiers, all signs, point to go for it, go for it. If you meet all the qualifiers, meaning you’re not coming from a place of scarcity, you’re not in the Chihuahua energy. You have systems in place to fulfill. You’re not scrambling. You have an action plan. I’m going to even say you also have a fail plan. And you’re very clear on the thoughts, feelings, and action from your highest level of self that you’re going to use when you go for this goal, and you’re going to trust yourself based on part one of this, you’re going to trust yourself with all the feelings.

Kristen Boss (32:05):  And if you miss the goal, that doesn’t mean you throw the goal in the bin and say, that’s it, man. Wasn’t for me, it means you continue to move forward. I feel like there’s so many parallels with business and weight loss. And I feel like goals are like business goals or like weight loss goals. And I know all my female listeners on this podcast will be like, oh, sister preach. Let’s talk about it. Let’s talk about it. It’s like if you had a 20 pound weight loss goal in a certain period of time and you’re, you’ve got a destination, you’re going, you’ve got your action plan. And let’s say the event is 30 days out. Okay. And let’s say you try on your swimsuit. And you’re. Like you’re like nothing fits. You’re angry. You’re feeling scarce. It’s you’re ashamed. And so what does that do?

Kristen Boss (33:05):  It puts you in the hustley state around your weight loss. So that’s when you start saying fine, I’m going to celery juice cleanse. I’m going to intermittent fast. I’m going to do like 20 hours of fasting and four hours of eating every day until then I’m not going to eat any sugar and flour, any carbs. I’m not going to have any alcohol. And it’s just so extreme. It’s so extreme. Whereas, and so there’s remember the two methods of getting there, like burning yourself out. So let’s say you do the extreme method and you’re like, and you get to your vacation and nobody wants to be around you because you’re tired. You haven’t had a carbon forever. You’re, you’re a grump. Nobody liked you on your way to your goal because you were a mean grumpy and you were deprived and coming from your own place of lack and scarcity, because you were so determined to make 20 pound weight loss goal, your goal, okay, let’s do the same person where it’s like, okay, I’m going to have my 20 pound weight loss.

Kristen Boss (34:03):  And my, my weight loss goal is that attainable in 30 days. Hey, I’m not a, I’m not health coach by any means. I’m like eh,noo. But that’s looking at the goal, creating the plan and pursuing it. And let’s say, you get to the day before your vacation. And it’s only a 12 pound loss, not reaching the goal and throwing it in the bin would be like, what? I only lost 12 pounds and not the 20. I wanted to lose by this trip. Well, forget it. I’m just going to go back to, I’m going to eat whatever I want on this trip. I’m going to have the margaritas and the guac and say yes to all the dessert, because you’re that you didn’t reach your goal instead of celebrating how far, how cl how much closer you got to your goal. Look how much closer you are. Great. So maybe you’re not at the ideal weight at this trip, but you will be at the next one.

Kristen Boss (35:00):  Like, why does it matter? It’s like, I’m preaching to myself. Like, okay, you can go for like looking good for that one trip and have a very hustley- like not a healthy approach to it, to get the outcome and then return to your bad habits after. Or you can be in it for the longterm and celebrate every milestone. And be like, Hey, you know what? Maybe not at my goal at this trip, but six months from now, I’ll definitely be at my weight. And, and you, because you’ve adopted it as a lifestyle and sustainable habits, it stays off. It’s the same with your business. When we hustle, we burn out, get grumpy. Nobody likes us in our hustle state. Let me let, yeah, let me just say that to everybody listening. Nobody likes you. When your hustle, state, your downline, your family, your friends like running around with your hair on fire is not sexy.

Kristen Boss (35:54):  And nobody is attracted to business like that or business owners like that. So people are attracted to joyful, confident, happy, calm, assured business owners who have sustainable practice, healthy boundaries, healthy goals in place. You want to know something amazing is when you learn to operate from a place of abundance, instead of lack your team, your clients will too. When you learn to deal with disappointment in a healthy way. So well your team so well, your clients, they need to see their leaders. I’m going to talk to network marketers very exclusively right now, your team needs to see you set healthy goals, and they also need to see how you deal with disappointment. Do you disappear from the business for a year? And then come back when it looks like everything’s going good and being like, okay, I’m ready to hustle and work hard. Now there’s lost trust. But if the team sees their leader, handle disappointment and dust off their boots and get back up and evaluate and handle the feelings of failure and move forward and create an action plan. They’re going to learn that from you too.

Kristen Boss (37:27):  Monkey see, monkey do so. I hope you have a really fun checklist of how you’re going to have healthy goals. You’re going to trust your timing. You’re going to trust that when it’s your season of harvest, it’s your season. And a lot of times, right before the harvest, there is a lot of sewing seeds. There’s a lot of meaningful connection and meaningful marketing. Again, I’ve talked about this where it’s like, there’s so much beneath the surface. You just don’t see any need to just trust the process and enjoy the process. People enjoy the process, have the most long-term success. And that’s what I want for you. So my goal crushers and goal getters, I would love for you to share what changes for you after this, like leave a- did you love this episode? Leave a review. I want to hear about it. Grab a screenshot, tag me on Instagram. I’d love to shout you out. If you got a good friend and you see that she’s rocking that Chihuahua energy and you, and you want to let her know that there’s, there’s a better way. Send the episode. Let’s spread the message. All right, everybody, I will catch you next time.

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