Kristen Boss Presents

The Advanced Leadership Certification Program For Social Sellers

A certification program for network marketers teaching skills to accelerate team results and long-term success through a unique coaching framework.
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Learn the necessary skills to develop and elevate your leadership to have a team of people who are “all in”.


Learn the coaching framework and strategies to develop leaders on your team into top performer.


Learn the systems and skills to create simple DUPLICATABLE systems so you can get your time back while your team continues to grow and perform.


The only coaching certification and mentorship program that is specifically built for the network marketing industry.

The Social Selling Leadership School includes a Scientifically-Proven Neuroscience Approach, Trauma- Informed Practices, Individualized Support, Plug and Play Frameworks, and MUCH MORE.

Neuro-science Approach

Techniques using proven methods to shift behaviors, thoughts, and patterns to create FASTER results


How to coach in a way that prevents your student from shutting down, freezing, or going into overwhelm resulting in NO ACTION


Proven plug-and-play frameworks to use with your students and clients to create results FAST and save you hours of time as their leader

Accountability, Goal Setting, and Support

Step-by-step guide on accountability, goal setting, and problem solving

Group and 1:1 Coaching

The different techniques to use in group coaching vs. one on one coaching

Momentum, Vision, Culture

How to create "massive momentum" and get buy-in from everyone in your organization


It's one thing to be an Upline for your team. But what you truly need is to become an effective leader and a strategic coach to see REAL results.

If you can’t create leaders, you will find yourself eventually hitting an income plateau wondering what went wrong.

The problem is you don’t know how to DEVELOP people into becoming successful, self-reliant, resourceful, and independent leaders themselves.

If talking at them worked, you would already be there by now.
But that’s not what works. You can’t talk to them and tell them what to do.

You must become a COACH.




This is a year long program with a 16 week accelerated coaching and training certification For...

The social seller who is ready to become MORE than an upline, they are ready to become a confident coach who can effectively lead their team to new levels of success.
They know the social selling business model is the best vehicle to achieve their financial goals and they want the skills to take this business to the top.
The program was designed to give you everything you need to be a confident and transformational coach for the people you serve and help your team get massive results.

In The Program You Get:

13 Modules

13 months of training - including 15 weeks of live instruction with your pod.

Trauma Informed Coaching

Part of the program is co-written with a licensed psycho-therapist to be sure only the best practices are used

Monthly Challenges

We’ve created monthly challenges to build on the skills you learn during the first four foundational months of the program. You’ll be implementing your new leadership skills and building confidence as you are taken through monthly challenges with your fellow SSLS graduates.

Led by Kristen, these challenges have been thoughtfully created to help you step deeper into your leadership role and duplicate your skills with your team.

Weekly Small Group Support

You will be in a cohort with and an instructor to go over each week’s material and ensure you are grasping and understand the concepts

Office Hours with Your Instructor

Weekly calls with your instructor to ask questions, practice coaching, and get real-time feedback from your certified instructor

Student Portal

Your modules will be kept in a portal to watch on demand and as-needed

Written Materials

Written materials and workbooks to use for coaching tools

Bonus Content

Troubleshooting modules, FAQ for newer coaches

Unlimited Access to Coaching Materials

You will receive access to the certification course materials for the lifetime of the program.

Social Selling Academy Course

Get instant access to the coursework in the SSA when you register. Use these materials to grow your business and your team while learning the leadership and coaching skills in the SSLS.


Upon completion of your training and meeting the qualifications, you are a Certified Coach with the Leadership School. We will share a certification emblem to share on your website and email signature.

12 Months of Training:

Live Modules and Training

Live intensive training with an instructor and a small group of students inside your weekly pod call. Unpack 13 modules during the first 4 months of the SSLS program.

Months 1-4

3 in 30 Challenge

Use your new leadership skills and identity to attract 3 new team members!

Month 5

Onboarding for Success

Successfully onboard team members and help them earn their first $100.

Month 6

Consistency Challenge

Learn how to facilitate a team challenge including accountability, coaching, and strategy.

Month 7

Team Expansion Challenge

Get your team recruiting--create your own team recruiting challenge.

Month 8

Team Training on the Basics

Back to Basics Bootcamp challenge.

Month 9

Mindset Matters

Create a mini mindset video training for your team that covers common hurdles at the 30/60/90 day mark.

Month 10

The Content Machine Team

Seven day guided content challenge for your team. How to increase buy-in and participation from your team.

Month 11

Dream Again

Casting vision-learn how to run your own vision casting call with your entire team.

Month 12

Live In-Person Leadership Event!

Special in-person live event for SSLS Alumni to include: recognition, bonus trainings, live workshops and coaching, and MORE. You receive a free ticket with your enrollmen

Annual Live Event

The 6/7 Figure Leadership Circle

When you enroll in the SSLS you’ll also have the option to join our new program exclusively for 6 and 7 figure earners:

In The Leadership Program You Will Learn:

Coaching Philosophy 101

How Coaching Works and Why It Matters

Neuroscience and Human Behavior

Using Psychology and Science to Create Faster Results and Lasting Transformation

The SSLS Framework

The unique proven methodology to use with your clients for any problem that arises to help them overcome obstacles and get results.

Trauma Informed Practices

How to coach in a way that has your team member taking action instead of freezing up, hiding, or avoiding the work.

Nervous System 101

How to recognize when your team member is in a “heightened state” and how to help them bring their “brain back online” and back into income generating action.

Leadership FAQ

A list of common obstacles most of your team members will face and how to help them overcome those obstacles.

Simple Systems

How to build simple systems to help your team see quick wins and encourage team-wide duplication

Onboarding for Success

How to build simple and effective onboarding systems for new team members to ensure success in their first 30 days of starting

Self Aware Leadership Practices

Recognizing your own triggers and stories so you can lead from a healthy place

Coaching Call Frameworks

The exact framework to run a highly effective coaching call so you and your team member generate the highest return on your time together

1:1 Coaching Formula

Knowing who, how, and when to utilize private coaching calls to leverage your key team members into taking action and further advancing their income AND yours.

Group Call Strategy

How to run a group coaching call that is valuable, effective, and helpful for all attendees and has them taking action and coming back for more.

Conflict Resolution

How to handle conflict with strategic coaching and techniques to protect your team culture and your leaders.

Goals and Accountability

How to effectively coach your team on their goals, help them discover their personal obstacles, and support them to become accountable to themselves and their goals rather than to you.

Team Challenges

Learn how to run effective team challenges that create momentum and massive results without burnout on the backend.



And The Unique Challenges That Come With Being In A Direct Sales Business Model

There are a lot of “strategies” and “templates” given to leaders in the Social Selling industry and with jargon like, “Better to give birth than raise the dead”- there is a deep need for healthy and effective coaching practices in the industry.

People don’t want to be bullied, shamed, or talked at. They want to feel seen, known, and understood.

You’ve learned by now that talking “at” people and giving them a strategy and a follow up plan rarely works.

What Everyone Is Saying


And still… Nothing. You find yourself beating your head against the wall wondering what you’re doing wrong.


You can have AMAZING SYSTEMS but systems cannot replace leadership.


Leadership Can Be Messy

And when you don't have the tools it can be downright demoralizing, frustrating and full of heartache

With the tools you will have inside SSLS, you will feel empowered, energized, and excited at the prospect of coaching your team.

You’ll find yourself excited about team calls and looking forward to your coaching calls with your team..and they will too!

Most coaching certification programs START at $10,000 and often focus on only ONE style of coaching: Mindset, Strategy, or Somatic (Trauma Informed). After investing more than $50,000 and spending more than 2000 hours coaching thousands of students… I wanted to give you the best certification and materials at a cost that felt approachable for the career-oriented social seller.

You don’t have to pay $21,000 for a coaching certification…

And if you do get a certification it should be a holistic certification that encompasses strategy, mindset, AND somatic practices that is specially designed for the social selling industry.

It’s the most approachable, high level, coach certification for The Social Selling Industry on the market today. And frankly, it’s the MOST needed. There seem to be a million “instagram growth” and “reel” coaches out there…meanwhile people are drowning because there are no tools to help them lead.

Until now.


This is the program that WILL CLOSE THE GAP between where you are now and where you want to be.

even More Results from The Social Selling Leadership Program...

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Pay In Full
4 months of live instruction in pods
Printed course workbook & playbook
Private Facebook community
Monthly calls with Kristen Boss*
Member portal which includes:

Call Replays
Course Materials
Past Advanced Trainings

Access to The Social Selling Academy training library*
Weekly ‘Coach the Coach’ calls with instructor
FREE in-person event: Rising Leader Summit in 4/2025*
8 LIVE monthly challenges*
Exclusively for 6 & 7-figure earners inside SSLS:

Access to The 6/7 Figure Leadership Circle (bonus content and coaching with Kristen Boss)*

* Brand-new Additions

Your Price: $4,997
4 Installments
4 months of live instruction in pods
Printed course workbook & playbook
Private Facebook community
Monthly calls with Kristen Boss*
Member portal which includes:

Call Replays
Course Materials
Past Advanced Trainings

Access to The Social Selling Academy training library*
Weekly ‘Coach the Coach’ calls with instructor
FREE in-person event: Rising Leader Summit in 4/2025*
8 LIVE monthly challenges*
Exclusively for 6 & 7-figure earners inside SSLS:

Access to The 6/7 Figure Leadership Circle (bonus content and coaching with Kristen Boss)*

* Brand-new Additions

Four Payments Of: $1,300

even More Results from The Social Selling Leadership Program...


When does the next round start?
Upon registering, you’ll receive the first training module, “The Role of a Coach” inside your member portal and live calls with your pod and instructor begin the week of May 13th.
At checkout, you will be given dozens of call times to choose from. We will be offering groups in the mornings and evenings to accommodate your schedule. You will submit your top 2 best call times and we will do our best to accommodate you. You will be in a group with 9-11 other peers and an instructor. We will also be taking incomes into account with grouping.
The instructors will ensure group confidentiality for all members. Company names will not be discussed or disclosed inside the small groups nor will we tolerate any poaching or questionable activity. We have a strict zero tolerance policy. The goal in the groups is to only focus on coaching skills, understanding and applying the material- period. If you have a direct downline that you do not want in your cohort, you can message the team and we will work with you.
It’s crucial for you. You will have some habits to unlearn, but having these skills will give you your freedom, confidence, and your mojo back. You will also have the option to register for our 6-figure earner program for monthly bonus calls with Kristen and exclusive training at next April’s live event.
We have taken this into consideration. This is why we are offering evening options, weekend options, and lunch hour options for the small group instruction.
No. They will be randomly selected and assigned.
The instructors are certified coaches with hundreds of hours of practical experience, they have been vetted by our team, and they have a deep respect for the industry and our community. They are NOT social sellers as we want to keep our instructors unbiased and our students to feel safe.

In order to be “certified” you must attend 9/12 pod calls with your instructor. You can choose to go through the program and not get certified. 

While your training modules are in your portal, your weekly group calls with your cohort are not recorded so you must have one of your peers take notes.

No. This is a separate program. It is not required that you be in the SSA in order to join SSLS. If you join the SSLS you will be automatically granted the SSA course materials so that you can have those at your fingertips to support in growing your business and your team.
You’ll receive a free ticket for next year’s event which will focus solely on leadership coaching and training for alumni and current students of the SSLS. It will be in April of 2025 and the exact date and location is TBD. Your free ticket gets you access to in-person or virtual access to the event. Recordings will be available for students who remain in the SSLS Alumni.
When you join, you will have unlimited access to the training materials. The SSLS Alumni materials (monthly challenges, call recordings, etc.) will be available to every student who maintains active status in the SSLS Alumni.
If you are a 6/7-figure earner, you are welcome to join the 6/7-figure earner tier. This will purely be done on an honor system basis. If you are close to 6 figures and want to be in the elevated room, we welcome you to join.
Yes. We offer a payment plan.
Have questions about joining the Leadership School?

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